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By providing a complete solution for landfill gas and biomass energy recovery, E/S Alternatives, LP helps communities meet national goals for fuel diversity, economic development and energy security. Landfill gas and biomass energy recovery procedures can increase landfill longevity and reduce landfill waste by approximately 90% while keeping landfills in environmental compliance with gas collection systems.

Utilizing renewable energy improves your bottom line without introducing additional personnel or capital to your business and reduces the costs associated with regulatory environmental compliance by turning waste streams into a valuable community resource.


Each megawatt of renewable energy generated is enough to provide 1,000 homes with electricity. One megawatt generated from methane is also equivalent to:

  • Planting 11,300 acres of trees per year.
  • Removing the emissions of 8,400 cars per year.
  • Preventing the use of 89,000 barrels of oil per year
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