ES Alternatives, LP :: 2828 Routh Street, Suite 500
Dallas, Texas 75201:: Phone: 214-849-9827 :: Fax: 214-849-9847

Headquarted in Dallas, Texas, E/S Alternatives, LP and its partners have over 25 years of combined experience in the power generation business and have developed and constructed an excess of 5,200 MW in power projects worth more than three billion dollars.

E/S Alternatives, LP offers a comprehensive solution in the development of renewable energy projects that provide electricity and/or liquid fuels. We bring a complete solution to the landfill owner by providing a complete answer for their waste streams. This solution does not increase their operation budgets, staff requirements, and headache with the environmental compliance aspect associated with the waste streams. Added benefit is revenue for their waste streams. Landfills take a very long time to permit and can be a valuable resource if the life is extended by reducing the biomass.



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