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Renewable energy is a constantly available and reliable fuel stream not derived from fossil fuels. It is crucial in reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil and is environmentally-friendly. To date, 18 states and Washington D.C. have implemented minimum renewable energy standards that require utility companies to utilize energy sources, such as wind, solar and bio energy. At E/S Alternatives, LP we recover two forms of renewable energy: biomass and landfill gas to satisfy the growing demand.

Landfill Gas
Each person in the United States generates about 4.5 pounds of solid waste per day, about one ton per year.

But landfill permits are timely, as is decomposition. Waste deposited in municipal solid waste landfills takes decades to decompose producing a mixture of methane gas, CO 2 and other gas traces. Since landfill gas is about 50 percent methane it is both a potent greenhouse gas if ignored and a valuable source of energy if employed through gasification. Sorting and gasifying waste streams extends the life of landfills and results in green energy that can be employed by utility companies.

Utilizing biomass recovery reduces landfill mass and also extends the longevity of landfills. Biomaterials such as woods and plants, agricultural wastes and residues, and animal wastes are sorted and shipped for gasification where the matter is heated to 1500 degrees and broken down to release gases. The gases are then turned into steam, which speeds up the decomposition process while providing a green energy source.

Replacing nonrenewable resources such as coal, oil and gas with renewable energy reduces the emissions of chemical compounds that contribute to acid rain, global warming and respiratory health concerns. R enewable energy recovery also offers significant economic and energy benefits that can be enjoyed by the landfill owner and the entire community alike while reducing the country’s dependence on foreign oil supplies.



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